Making inspiration legible since 1946


2010s ~
Feb. 2017
Selected as a historic company representing Korea by Small and Medium Business Administration
Dec. 2015
[52nd Trade Day] Awarded Prime Minister Official Commendation for fostering trade
May. 2015
Selected as a Global Hidden Champion
Oct. 2014
Awarded Grand Prize by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy as a historic company
Dec. 2013
Awarded Korea’s Best Hit Item of the Year
Apr. 2013
Awarded Grand Prize of Excellent Quality by the Small and Medium Business Administration
Nov. 2010
$20MIL Export Award
2000s ~
Apr. 2007
Certified ISO 14001
Dec. 2006
Selected as the Technological Innovation Small and Medium Industry.
Aug. 2005
Awarded Prime minister official commendation for National prestige Enhancement and National development.
Oct. 2003
Awarded New product prize in Seoul stationery fair
Dec. 2000
Awarded Design management Grand Prize at 2000 Korea design grand prize (President prize)
Nov. 2000
Awarded New product prize in Seoul stationery fair
Mar. 2000
Awarded official commendation for honest taxpayer
Nov. 1999
Establish Guang Zhou Dong-A Stationery Co., Ltd
May. 1999
Awarded a Iron tower order of Industrial Service Merit
Mar. 1999
Certified ISO 9002
Apr. 1998
Selected as World-Cup products Manufacturing Promising Small and Medium Industry by Industry Promotion Corp.
Mar. 1998
Awarded New product Grand Prize at Seoul International Stationery Exhibition in 1998
Feb. 1998
Selected as The Export Promising Small and Medium Industry by Small and Medium Industry Promotion Corporation
Dec. 1997
Selected as a model of Customer safety
Jan. 1997
Started to produce and export Gel pen
Aug. 1992
Started to produce the product of Hongdangmu selected as Daejeon EXPO license holder
Apr. 1990
Established Dong-A Engineering Co.
Mar. 1987
Selected as 88 Seoul Olympic game license holder
May. 1986
Selected as 86 Asian game license holder
Nov. 1983
Awarded a President Prize of Export Promotion Industrial Medal
Aug. 1978
Started to produce mechanical pencils and its leads.
Sep. 1967
Acquired quality of Korean Industrial Standards㉿ on HB and H pencil.
Nov. 1963
Started to export pencils
Nov. 1955
Selected as a model of Customer Safety
Oct. 1946