Code of Ethics

Dong-A Pencil Co., Ltd. under the management philosophy, employees contribute to both affluence of human being and development of civilization and develop talents making rewarding work place by efficiency and creativity and all the members, through a transparent and ethical business, have a firm belief that it can grow and develop together with customers, suppliers and the community and therefore we hereby establish "Ethic program of Dong-A Pencil Co., Ltd.” to make it a basis of employee's value judgments and actions.
Chapter1. Responsibility for the customer
  • 1-1. Treat our customers with the belief that if it’s beneficial for our customers, it also gives benefits to our company.

  • 1-2. Always think from the customer's perspective, respect customer’s feedback as much as possible and keep promises with customers.

  • 1-3. Do the best to receive endless love and trust from our customers by providing them the best products and services.

Chapter2. Law compliance and fair competition
  • 2-1. When doing business and sales activities, comply with laws and regulations of various countries and communities, and respect for social values, such as the customs and culture of that country or region.

  • 2-2. Respect the competitor and take the lead in establishing a sound market order through fair and free competition.

Chapter3. Square deal
  • 3-1. All transactions are made in accordance with the principle of free competition which ensures a fair and equal opportunity to participate.

  • 3-2. Using a superior position, do not exercise the unethical and inappropriate behavior and impose any form of influence.

  • 3-3. All trading partners from those based on mutual trust and promote common development.

Chapter4. Responsibilities and duties to the country and society
  • 4-1. Contribution to the country and society

    (1) Faithfully perform the duties and the role required as a member of the country and society.

    (2) Contribute to national development by creating employment and faithful payment of taxes, and actively contributes to the development of social services and culture.

  • 4-2. Environmental Protection and Safety

    (1) The idea for the business and sales activity, environmental protection is a priority and fully comply with environmental standards in the country and the region.

    (2) Be organized everyday in order to maintain a safe and tidy working environment and comply strictly with safety rules without exception.

  • 4-3. Political Activities

    (1) The company does not get involved in politics. However, for the policies or legislation related to the interests of the company may express its position.

    (2) Employees of their political views and rights are guaranteed by the constitution with respect, but employees do not make words and actions which can be misunderstood for a company’s political position.

Chapter5. Responsibility for Employees
  • 5-1. Respect employees’ individual personality and thoughts and as giving opportunity to improve each ones’ skills, do not discriminate according to gender, education and region of origin.

  • 5-2. Fairly evaluate according to capabilities and performance of employees, and justly compensate.

  • 5-3. Do the best to create working conditions that may unleash creativity and skills of employees and actively support creative personnel training.

Chapter6. Basic ethics for employees
  • 6-1. Honesty, honor and dignity maintenance

    (1) Employees have pride as a member of Dong-A Pencil Co., Ltd. and be honest always, maintain a sincere attitude.

    (2) With the attitude that each employee is acting on behalf of the Company and by using straight and dignified language, keep the reputation of the Dong-A Pencil Co., Ltd. people.

  • 6-2. Work-related behavior and attitudes

    (1) Employees share the management philosophy, goals and values of the company and faithfully execute the given mission to each member in accordance with company policy.

    (2) Carry out all duties honestly, fairly and faithfully and do not report any lie or false numbers.

    (3) Business and sales activities ban to receive any bribe as gratuities, gifts, entertainment and convenience from Stakeholders

  • 6-3. Classification of business and personal benefit

    (1) Classify between business and personal benefit and does not seek personal gain by using his position
    (2) In case of conflict between companies and individuals, think the company primarily

  • 6-4. Healthy organizational culture

    (1) Based on better communication within manager and employee review, mutual trust and basis of mutual respect, company maintains an organizational culture.

  • 6-5. Respect for intellectual property rights

    (1) Protect intellectual property with right of the other and own right.

    (2)Without company’s permission, employee cannot drain any company’s classified information during employee and at the same time respecting the rights of others on the road to protect intellectual property and protect their rights.

Chapter7. Ethical observance
  • 7-1. regardless of employee’s status, employee must comply with ethical observance sincerely. Employees who are violating the ethical observance will receive disciplinary.For the detail of disciplinary is accordance with the regulations of employment rules.
  • Article 1. Fermentation.
    This Ethical observance comes into effect on Feb 1st.2012.
  • Article 2. The practice of employees
    This Ethical observance’s practice in accordance with Specific and detailed standards of conduct is followed universal moral and ethical code of conduct.
  • Article 3. Consultation and analysis
    Regarding to this “Ethical observance” and “Employee Ethical conduct”, if someone has Conflict analysis, inquiry or judgement of problem from the provided Code and regulations, please look for advice with Human Resources Committee and follow interpretation and decision from them.
Relationship with other provisions

The “Ethical observance” and "Employee Ethical Conduct" should take precedence over than other provisions in the company.

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